We were all witnesses of the global delirium that enveloped the globe in the midst of the Football World Cup. That excitement was even bigger in our headquarters as we were cheering all the way to the finals for our national football team from Croatia. Kudos to our guys.

The football delirium delivered by the FIFA World Cup had also a very big global impact in the broadcasting industry. It broke all previous viewing records around the world and even though mobile proved to be the king in the new age of streaming services like Netflix & Hulu, traditional TV was surely the queen highlight of this event showing that it still has a lot to give.

In the article “The TV set triumphs at the World Cup” by Ross Biddiscombe, interesting data is shared: “…most up-to-date audience numbers from Eurodata TV show that the final between France and Croatia was watched by 163 million people in 20 major markets.”

This is quite amazing, not just because we are from Croatia but as we, with our technology, are tightly connected to TV and Mobile devices alike.

ExRey and the big picture

ExRey platform allows a natural fit between the trenches of traditional TV and millennial Mobile. Ours is a mobile app that enables you to use your smartphone or tablet to scan any video content on any screen to easily and quickly get information related to that content. All you need to do is focus your mobile device on your TV (or any other video device) and get the information you want. 

Imagine now where all those people are your potential customers… 163 million people and counting. How to reach them in a way that suits them? How to get their permission to approach them? How to showcase them something but not interrupt the game they are watching. If you are broadcaster or a marketing company, with ExRey, that task is easily achievable.

In our example on game Croatia vs Denmark you can see what kind of data you can get; info on players in the game, his statistics, history and so much more. Imagine what else you could provide. Same info sponsored by major brand, or information leading to lucrative promotions, AR overview of game, highlights… The imagination of your creative marketing team is the only limitation and we take care of the rest.

Unobtrusive marketing becomes possible

Events like the FIFA World Cup, or the American Super Bowl counterpart have become famous for big brands competing on air-time and paying massive sums to showcase their commercial for new products and overall brand presence. But what if your brand could be present the whole time. Or just in specific scenes?

We are offering a complete new dimension in the broadcasting industry which can make watching TV much more immersive, interactive while giving the users a choice. By giving the users permission based marketing. It also allows video content owners and marketing agencies to engage viewers of their (or their client’s) video content in new, innovative ways and provide users with personalised watching experiences. It allows TV to become a two-way street. It brings a further evolutionary step into the marketing industry — one where the video becomes the next generation billboard with the additional information hidden beyond what is seen on the screen.


First big partnership already signed – getting access to over 7 countries and 20+ million viewers

ExRey signed a pilot project with Discovery Film&Video for their two TV channels where they will be integrating a video library of 500 documentaries and movies which are being distributed to more than 20 million potential viewers in Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania.

Current stage of the project

ExRey is actively preparing for the product launch. Following the roadmap, the platform is set to be on your devices in September 2018. 

Are you interested in exploring ways of collaboration with ExRey? We would be more than happy to hear you out! Contact us on info@exrey.tv