Why ExRey?

ExRey makes any video interactive and engageable. The service ExRey provides is two-fold. On one hand, it provides viewers with additional Elements linked to the video content they are watching. On the other hand, it allows production and advertising companies to unleash creativity and engage viewers with their content in new ways. And as a byproduct, generate new revenue streams.

While ExRey is our flagship product where we have decided to pursue our marketing activities as the app hits the stores, Beyond Seen Screen still stays a collective venture that serves as an umbrella company over several of our upcoming B2B products alongside ExRey.

But are viewers really interested in the additional Elements related to the video content they are watching?

Research shows that:

  • 45% of users between 18-34 years and 55% of users from 35 to 54 years use their smartphone while watching TV
  • 61% request additional information while watching TV
  • Almost 50% search for products while watching TV
  • 27% purchase products while watching TV
  • 23% of all Internet searches via smartphones has to do with what people watch on TV
  • 28% look for the product that is being advertised

For movie production company this means that anybody who watches trailer on any TV station, even if they watch it on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, on any other screen, when they use BSS application they will get Elements that will guide them to get additional information and even to buy tickets for those movies.

Added value can be added to every single video you have. There you can provide information plus trailers for new movies (e.g. BSS-ing Marvels Iron Man can show new trailer for Spiderman Homecoming), and of course if applicable to already pre-reserve their ticket.

You could also do sweepstakes, prize games, giveaways… anything.

How does ExRey work?

Here is a quick diagram that explains this simple process.

Viewer uses their smartphone to scan the video they are watching. The platform recognizes the video and provides the Elements the content owner linked to it. These Elements are presented to the viewer on their smartphone app.

Promo example: cooking show

You are a chef and you have a cooking show. It spans several seasons and in each episode you do three recipes. All the recipes for dishes that you prepare in the show are on your website. You have partnered with some grocery stores in some regions of the world and you can provide direct shopping lists in those stores for groceries required to prepare that exact dish. You have a contract with a cookware company whose products you promote. You also wrote a book that you are selling. And you have restaurants in several cities around the world that you want to promote.

With ExRey, you can link all of this information together and provide it as Elements on all your cooking show episodes. You can provide direct links to exact recipes that are being displayed at the time the viewer scans the video. You can provide links to web shops for the cookware you promote and use in your cooking show. Viewers would also enjoy the bloopers made during recording the shows. Luckily, you uploaded those bloopers on your website and you can now provide a link to the exact bloopers that occurred during that episode. If a video is scanned in a segment between the two recipes, you can provide some general information about yourself and your brands. Maybe also a link to your new book that was just released. You can leverage geolocation feature of the platform and provide the link to make an online reservation for a table at your nearest restaurant.

For end viewers, all it takes to get to these Elements is to start the BSS app on their mobile device and use it to scan the episode of your show they are watching. And since they scanned the video, they are interested in what you have to offer.


Users of ExRey application, your customers, will be able to login in to ExRey application which will grant them options for sharing and looking into history of their past Elements.

With this you get even more exposure for your video. They can share it to somebody who did not even see the video and they will still see these Elements.

It brings exposure and cool factor to your brand.

How to create Elements?

As ExRey client, you get access to the Client portal where you can manage all your videos and their related Elements in one place.

After you log in with your credentials, you can start building your Elements.

When you are ready, you can publish your Elements to the world.

Now whoever wants to get Elements from your videos, they can just start ExRey app, scan the video and engage your content.

To summarize, there are only 4 easy steps to use the platform:

Provide content

Users start the app

They aim and frame the video

They engage your content