We have decided to write an article documenting the private sale participation process to be able to consolidate all the latest information in one place and to provide help to those that want to support Beyond Seen Screen in its earliest funds raising phase of its token sale.

The process of participating in Beyond Seen Screen private sale works like this:

  • You express your wish to participate in the private sale using the form provided in this link
  • In the form provided above we will ask you to give us your email address that we will use to communicate the rest of the process with you and some basic information such as your full name and the currency and amount that you would like to participate with
  • Participation in the private sale is done by signing a “Purchase agreement” with the company incorporated in Croatia that is operating the Beyond Seen Screen project
  • In order to prepare the Purchase agreement for signing, the following information is required
    • First and last name
    • Full address – street name and number, city, post code and country
    • Personal identification number – your personal identification number used in your home country to uniquely identify you, usually used on any contracts you are signing
    • Ethereum address on which you want to accept the BSSX tokens – it is important that you provide an ETH address of a wallet that can accept custom ERC20 tokens. ETH address that you provide here should NOT be associated with a cryptocurrency exchange, as there may be no way to recover custom tokens from such addresses
  • If you do not provide any of the information listed above, we will communicate with you via email to gather this information and to answer any questions you may have before you are ready to provide us this information
  • If you will want to invest in currency other than ETH, we will use the European Central Bank exchange rates for EUR and USD and ETH price at Etherscan.io to define a “round” number of ETH that you will participate with
    • We would like to avoid participations with amounts such as 27.443473578320 ETH in the private sale and would prefer rounding it to 27.5 ETH
  • We will communicate with you via email you provided to confirm that you agree with any rounding of the amount of participation that we calculated in the step above and to provide you with the information about the bonus tokens that your participation entitles you to
  • Our legal advisor will fill out the Purchase agreement according to the data provided and the exact number of tokens received for the investment will be documented in the Purchase agreement
  • A copy of the Purchase agreement will be provided for digital signature using the DocuSign.com service to the email address provided in the private sale participation application form
  • After the Purchase agreement is signed, we will require you to transfer the agreed investment amount to our ETH address or bank account as defined in the Purchase agreement
  • Once the payment is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation email
  • Before the start of presale stage of Beyond Seen Screen token sale, a smart contract that will handle the ICO process will be created and the agreed amount of BSSX tokens will be allocated to the ETH address you provided in the application form
  • After the ICO is successful, the smart contract will automatically release your tokens to your ETH address

A few facts about the private sale stage worth noting:

  • Participation in the private sale stage of Beyond Seen Screen token sale is possible in the following currencies: EUR, USD, HRK, ETH
  • Participation in the private sale stage of Beyond Seen Screen does NOT have a refund mechanism. The Purchase agreement that is offered for signature states that you accept that if the ICO is not successful, you are not entitled to a refund

If you have any questions or if you would like to get more clarification on the participation process, please contact us at ico@beyondseenscreen.com