The first leg of the ExRey roadtrip is officially in the books and while it has been a long arduous road we have had quite a few great encounters along the way and we have met some great people, potential investors, and possible collaborators. We accumulated approximately 1550 miles (2500km) between our stops in Varazdin, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin, but the experience and knowledge our team accumulated was substantially greater.

During our first stop in Varazdin, Croatia we visited the Voogle Conference, an entrepreneur oriented event. The highlight of the conference was a startup battle where startups have 3 minutes to present their idea followed by 3 minutes of Q&A from a panel of judges. The judges then score the contestants and announce a winner that in turn receives 10k €. Mario’s pitch,, had been completely reconstructed and fine tuned less the 24 hours before the event by the valuable feedback of Peter Hopwood,, M.C. of the Voogle Conference and a pitch trainer. While we did not win the startup battle we walked away from the event feeling very positive. _MG_2832We understand as a team that this is just the beginning for us and as we began heading back to Zagreb we felt extremely encouraged that starting our own business was the best decision we’ve ever made.

The next stop on our roadtrip was Vienna, Austria to attend the Pioneers18 conference, We were exposed to a vast amount of Artificial Intelligence at Pioneers. IMG_20180524_103657We enjoyed an interesting talk by a company that’s studying the human brain and has developed technology that allows quadriplegics the ability to control vehicles, even Formula 1 cars, using only their thoughts. We also spoke with a company that is analyzing aging by using A.I. to study and reverse engineer the neural network that “understands” the causes and what factors affect aging. The investors at Pioneers had distinct badges, so we were set to stop them and speak with them. While asking for feedback from multiple investors we obtained quite a few new ideas and even discussed a new business model for BSS. From there we packed up all of our things and with new feedback and contacts we headed to Prague, CZ for our meetup with Ian Balina.

Admittedly we knew very little about the structure of the Ian Balina events, so we didn’t quite know what to expect. We thought Ian was going to talk about his experience and have a Q&A session with the audience, but when Ian arrived his team asked “Is there an ICO that would like to pitch at the event?” Of course we jumped at the chance and approached Ian’s crew about our project. They liked our idea and said we could pitch after Ian’s introduction. After taking a few pictures with Ian he came into the room and gave a 20 minute introduction about his history and went straight into the ICO pitches. We were the first of 5 ICO’s to pitch and the audience determined who won the pitch round by the volume of their applause. IMG_20180526_201006While Agora won the event and we were barely edged out for third we felt great about the positive feedback we received and the networking in the crypto space we accomplished. After the event we met up with Ian, his crew, and a few others to watch the Liverpool vs. Real Madrid match. From Prague we headed straight to Berlin for BlockShowEurope.

Immediately after arriving in Berlin, we met with a few other attendees and spent the evening discussing the feedback from the past few stops and learning about the new trends in ICO tokenomics. Our first day at BlockShowEurope,, IMG_20180529_104600we met with quite a few companies that worked in the crypto space including a few crypto payment services, various other blockchain projects, and as well as some crypto exchanges. We took the opportunity to receive additional feedback from potential investors that reinforced our decision to change our token sale structure which we will unveil on our social media channels and telegram in the coming days. We started our second day off listening to an inspiring talk about success and failure in business by Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia. After Mr. Wales talk we spent the day following up with the contacts we made the day before and we capped the event off at a party that featured “The sounds of blockchain.” We woke the next morning and left Berlin at 7 A.M. and arrived back in Zagreb around 10 P.M weary from our travels but positive and excited about what the future holds for ExRey.