Exciting times are ahead of us. In the past months our team has been working hard to bring Beyond Seen Screen to the point where you will be able to join in.

We are creating a document which will provide detailed and transparent overview of Beyond Seen Screen token sale process and all the tools and information you will need to contribute.

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Beyond Seen Screen Stages and Bonuses for early contributors

Essential Information and Warnings

️️ONLY Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency will be accepted in Token Sale contributions.

Everyone who wants to participate in the Beyond Seen Screen project will need to start with a Whitelist application available at THIS link. It will give us information who is behind a contribution and it will keep things in line with regulatory requirements.

After you have successfully submitted your application our team will start the review process. If you are approved, you will be allowed to contribute to either the Presale or the public Crowdsale.

⚠ IMPORTANT: Citizens or individuals with lawful permanent resident or domicile in the USA, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, US Virgin Islands, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen, Laos, Uganda are not allowed to contribute in the Beyond Seen Screen token sale.

WARNING: All the transactions from non-whitelisted wallets will be bounced and all the contributions from the members who did not complete or their KYC was not approved will be returned.

⚠ Transparency and integrity are key to any long lasting business relationship. That’s why we are incredibly thorough and will put every whitelist application through a KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) procedure. We want to ensure that every person involved with Beyond Seen Screen shares our ethics and intentions.

Contribution Stages, Bonuses and Amount of Tokens for Sale in Each Stage

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Beyond Seen Screen token sale will be organized in 3 phases

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