Top earners in the movie industry 2018

It is already a massive year for the box office and movie industry with so many successful record-breakers at box office in 2018. But, knowing which movie has reign supreme level is important and which movie has sneakily made bank by becoming the highest grossing movie of 2018. The year 2018 has started with many massive hits by Marvel Studio, of which Black Panther is the highest grossing movie with $1.3 billion income worldwide. Another highest grossing in 2018 is Avengers: Infinity War which is also from the Marvel’s franchise and it is the leading movie of 2018 in terms of worldwide collection of $2 billion. Below is the list of all top rated and highest grossing movies of 2018.

Avengers: Infinity War

Being the climax of 10 years of MCU storyline Avengers Infinity War is the blockbuster of the year that has made some serious cash across the world. This is the movie from Marvel Studios which acclaimed to outperform most of the expectations, thereby setting all-time record for both best domestic as well as worldwide opening weekends. The release of the Infinity War knocked off the other movies that released in this period and managed to collect a massive of $257.7 million and earned hulk size amount worldwide which is about $2 billion.

Black Panther

After the release of Black Panther, most of the prognosticators in the industry have learned that it is not worthwhile to bet against the success of any MCU movies. Black Panther has started with seismic hit, but gradually it has made massive collection worldwide which made it the great superhero movie of the year. Today, Black Panther has become the highest grossing comic movie of all-time not only in USA, but also across the world. The critics have also fallen in love with solo debut of T’Challa. It is also predicted that if any sequel arrives of this movie it will again be massive hit. Black Panther has managed to earn $1.35 Billion.

Deadpool 2

In 2016 when the original Deadpool movie released it became the highest grossing movie and it is no denying fact that the sequel of the movie Deadpool 2 has again managed to set record in the box office with collection over $6 billion. However, the sequel is still lacking behind in breaking the record of its predecessor as it was the highest R-rated domestic movie in the opening weekend. The movie started with the collection of $300 million and gradually the collection increased at global level and it cross the estimated $6 million. In total the movie managed to earn an amount of $689.5 million globally which is less than its predecessor.

Ready Player One

In spite of the hand-wringing and nostalgia focused marketing strategies, the latest blockbuster from Steven Spielberg which is based on a novel got positive reviews from both the fans and critics. Ready Player One has performed optimally at global level and it has managed to earn about $444.8 million at global level.

Operation Red Sea

Another popular hit and highest grossing movies from China is the Operation Red Sea which has set a record by earning $1.5 million, of which about $580 million has been collected from the stateside audiences. The China film industry is still growing and the industry is still expecting some more home-grown releases. Operation Red Sea has garnered the highest spot on the list and according to the critics the movie has earned impressive 83% score on the RT.

Detective Chinatown 2

Those who have expected that they won’t see any china made movies top on the list would be amazed with the release of Detective Chinatown 2 which is the successful sequel of the original movie and has earn massive bank in its homeland. The movie has managed to earn around $2 million at global level and it has ranked higher by the US moviegoers. The movie has 12 reviews counted and it has scored 50% positive reviews on RT.


Despite of few negative reviews and 50% from RT, with Rampage Dwayne Johnson has proved that he is truly the star with some successful movies. Rampage is the movie that has successfully made record in the industry with good collection across the world. The entire movie was made with $120 million and on the opening weekend that movie has strike its way with over $400 million across the world. Although the movie has not managed to become a massive hit at box office, but it has turn to be a profitable movie in the Warner Bros and it has helped the star to manage his A-List Superstar.

Fifty Shades Freed

This third instalment of the movie was hugely loathed by RT with only 13% reviews, but the audience has appreciated and loved the franchise of the Fifty Shades Book Adaptations seduced around $100.4 million in USA and gross collection of the movie is around $270.2 million across the world. Till date, the movie has managed to earned around $1.3 billion across the globe, much to the consternation of the detractors.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

The release of Jurassic World film in the year 2015 was a bit odd which only managed to draw decent critical acclaims and made ridiculous amounts of cash in the box office. But its sequel released recently has managed to do some good things in the box office. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom has broken the record of its predecessor released in 2015 and scored 60% positive reviews in the RT. As far as financial prospects are concerned it has done good in box office compared to its predecessor. The Fallen Kingdom was not yet released in USA, but across the world it has hauled the gigantic size amount of $370 million solely in overseas market.

So, this is the list of highest grossing movies in 2018. There are many other movies which are going to release soon and expected to earn higher amount and become the new highest grossing movie of 2018.